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Professional Dog Grooming Near Clapham, London

With extensive expertise in offering dog grooming services near Clapham, Canine Hairline provides all-encompassing and budget-friendly grooming solutions. Our commitment lies in consistently showcasing your dog at its utmost finest.

Tranquil Retreat

Nestled within a cozy setting, we curate a serene and relaxed ambiance, assuring your canine companion steps into a pristine and cozy space for their grooming session.

Exceptional Reputation

We have cultivated an outstanding reputation for fostering a pristine and soothing grooming environment, ensuring your furry friend receives unparalleled care.

One-to-One Treatment

Our exclusive personalised approach guarantees a peaceful experience for your dog, ensuring each grooming session remains a serene and stress-free affair.

Affordable Rates

Our home-centered operation empowers us to provide high-quality services at a cost-effective rate, extending the benefits to our clients while upholding exceptional care for their cherished pets.

Quality Dog Grooming near Clapham

Canine Hairline offer a diverse range of services dedicated to pampering your cherished pets. We stand out as the preferred option for dog owners who are looking for a premium, individualised grooming encounter without the premium cost.

  • Customising our services to cater to different breeds.
  • Accommodating dogs of all dimensions.
  • Conducting operations in a homely setting to prioritize your pet’s well-being.

Invite your dog into a serene ambiance, ensuring they leave not just groomed but also refreshed!

Early Detection of Health Issues

Regular grooming allows you to spot any unusual lumps, bumps, or skin conditions early, potentially catching health issues before they become more serious.
A dog groomed by Canine Hairline, a dog groomers near Clapham

Healthy Skin and Coat

Regular grooming promotes a healthy skin and coat by removing dirt, debris, and loose fur. This prevents skin irritations, infections, and matting, ensuring your dog's coat remains glossy and comfortable.

Improved Comfort

Through regular haircuts and fur maintenance, grooming ensures your dog's comfort, especially in warmer weather. Trimming long or dense fur helps prevent overheating, keeping your pet cool and content.

Improved Hygiene

Routine grooming, including baths and oral care, enhances your dog's overall hygiene. Clean ears, eyes, and teeth reduce the risk of infections and keep your furry companion smelling fresh.

We are a 10 minute drive from Clapham

Canine Hairline is conveniently located at 78 Norfolk House Rd, London SW16 1JH, approximately a 10-minute drive from Clapham.

Sabby K
Sabby K
Joanne was so accommodating and managed to squeeze us in at last minute on our trip into London. Our 4 month Cockapoo hates water and the blow dryer, but she came out looking amazing! Smelling fresh! And her coat was so light and fluffy! Perfect. We'll definitely be booking in again with Canine Hairline!
Lily Hill
Lily Hill
Puppy’s first ever groom. Gone from an overgrown bush to tall and slender dog. We are very happy.
Berit watkin
Berit watkin
Great groomer.
Sara Lazzarini
Sara Lazzarini
We have been taking Bruce to Joanne since he was pup. He is difficult to groom he fidgets and moves around alot i have seen this first hand but Joanne always manages to do a groom that we are very happy with. Thankyou
Claire Langer
Claire Langer
We have been coming to Canine Hairline every 6-8 weeks for the past 18months of having our dog. Every time Larry comes home with a great haircut and gets lots of comments on how well groomed he is. There have been a couple of times where we have been bad dog owners and let Larry get knotty and even a bit matted. Joanne has always been super understanding and has even given us advice for home grooming which has helped us keep on top of his curly coat. Would definitely recommend Canine Hairline to any dog owner.
Tania Smith
Tania Smith
Took our 7 month Cavapoochon for his first hair cut to Canine Hairline and was very impressed with the results. Joanne did exactly what I'd asked for, not to not scalp him, and he looked fantastic afterwards, she is very skilled. WIll be using Joanne again and can recommend her!

We look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend to our grooming salon!

Our Prices For full grooms

If you need a dog groomer in Streatham, London – we can help! The below prices are subject to the size of dog and how regularly they are groomed. 


Starting from £35


Starting from £45


Starting from £55

Reputable Dog Groomer near CLAPHAM, LONDON

Canine Hairline provides a diverse range of services to leave your beloved pooch feeling revitalised!

Full Groom

Our comprehensive Full Groom treatment leaves your dog with a lustrous, healthy-looking coat. This includes shampooing, warm blow-drying, a custom cut and styling, followed by a between-the-paws and pads trim, nail trim, and thorough eye and ear cleaning.

Bath and tidy

This treatment comprises a soothing shampoo treatment, gentle warm blow dry, facial trim, nail trim, and, upon request, expressing of anal glands.


Certain breeds are prone to matting, and our regular De-Matting treatments are designed to prevent this issue. For guidance on managing matting at home, please feel free to get in touch.

Hand Stripping

Recommended for wire-like coats, Hand Stripping involves the careful removal of dead skin from your dog's coat, either by hand or using a stripping knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure you secure your appointment in advance, as our services operate from a home environment in Clapham, London, making pre-booking essential for a seamless experience.
Absolutely, regular grooming effectively minimises shedding. Our skilled Dog Groomer in Clapham, London employs proven techniques to manage and reduce shedding for a healthier coat.
The time allocated for your booking depends on factors like your dog’s breed, size, and condition. I’ll provide specific guidance on the duration when you schedule your appointment.
Grooming frequency varies based on breed, lifestyle, and coat type. Breeds with longer hair may require more frequent visits compared to their short-haired counterparts.
Certainly, our trained Dog Groomer in Clapham, London is adept at identifying and safely removing ticks during grooming sessions, prioritising the health and well-being of your pet.


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